Yasmeen Dadabhoy

Ms. Yasmeen Dadabhoy is one of the pioneer business woman of our country and belongs to a noble business family of Pakistan. Ms. Yasmeen Dadabhoy was born in Karachi on July 15, 1976. She has vast experience and qualifications in the field of Management, Economics and Business Administration. She got her BBA Degree from South Eastern University (Greenwich Institute, Washington DC).

The history of Dadabhoy Group began in 1895. Mr. Ali Muhammad A. Latif, great grand father of Ms. Yasmeen Dadabhoy, established a trading house later turned it into a department store, in the beautiful country of South Africa. Mr. Ali Muhammad A. Latif, departed at the young age of 35 years. Later Mr. A. Ghani Dadabhoy, grand father of Ms. Yasmeen Dadabhoy, posthumous son of Mr. Ali Muhammad A. Latif established initially a trading house and later a soap factory, at Portbandar on the western coast of pre-partitioned India. At the time of partition, the family migrated to Pakistan and at the call of Quaid-e-Azam, it came forward to play its role in the new infant country. Immediately after settling in Karachi, he (Mr. A. Ghani Dadabhoy) set up a trading house encompassing a wide range of businesses.

The Dadabhoy group that enhanced itself in diversified different industrial sectors of Pakistan decided through its Board of Directors to distribute specific areas of activities to different family members. This decision culminated into the forming of versatile and all encompassing M. H. Dadabhoy group since 1990s.  Mr. Mohammad Hussain Dadabhoy is the chairman of M. H. Dadabhoy Group.

Presently She (Ms. Yasmeen Dadabhoy) is active Board Member of M.H. Dadabhoy Group of Companies for the last 10 years.  She is responsible for introducing new management techniques & leadership skills in the company.

Besides She is also member of Board of Governors of Pakistan’s leading educational Institute (British Overseas School). She is one of driving forces in the BOS (British Overseas School) Board of Governors & is highly respected in BOS (British Overseas School) & BOSA (British Overseas School Asssociation).  Ms. Yasmeen Dadabhoy holds membership of Defence Housing Authority Sunset Club, Defence Housing Authority Creek Club, Defence Housing Authority Marina Club, Defence Housing Authority Golf Club, Management Association of Pakistan, KDA Golf Club, PAF Yatch Club, Karachi Gymkhana & Corporate Member of WWF.

She has traveled widely across the world in connection with her business and sightseeing. Due to her sheer hard work she is highly respected in the business communities.