The changing market tendencies demand increased emphasis on curtailing cost of power production as well as operational and maintenance

Dadabhoy Energy Supply Company Limited (DESCL) was therefore conceived as a captive power generation plant to supply uninterrupted and stable power to the three M.H Dadabhoy Group of Industries, DCIL, DSL at less than WAPDA rates.

The 15.2 MW power plant have four 3.8 MW generating sets with modular compatibility running on heavy fuel oil. These generators have been obtained from M/s Stork Wartsila of Holland.

The management has decided to use Natural Gas in power Generation plant instead of using Furnace Oil to further curtail the production cost’ therefore quotation from M/s Wartsila has been obtained for the conversion plan. In order to meet the Capital expenditure of conversion of plant to Gas, it has been decided to offer the shares worth Rs. 20.0 million to the General Public/Financial Institutions/Bank.

The cement plant is the most benefiting from this consistent power supply as it prevent damage caused to the cement machinery by unstable power supply. It is also supporting in increasing production more economically.

DESCL is an equity based project with highly lucrative earnings per share for the public shareholders. The internal rate of return throughout the project’s life is expected to be 27%.