Dadabhoy Group was among the very first to enter the cement sector soon after its reopening for private enterprise. The group decided in April 1978 to set up a 1,000 metric tonnes per day capacity portland cement plant. This plant was incorporated in August 1979.

Since the Government of Pakistan was keen to patronize local machinery and know-how, the Dadabhoys decided for setting up the same first. They opted for a plant fabricated by the Heavy Mechanical Complex, Taxila. This was the first cement plant to be fabricated in Pakistan. The Taxila Heavy Mechanical Complex got the necessary expertise and license from the world renowned manufacturers of cement plants. Fuller international Inc. of the USA. The Dadabhoy-HMC deal proved to be a milestone in creating confidence and self-reliance in the country’s heavy industrial sector

The plant was set up at Kalu Kohar in Dadu District of Sindh, which is about 84 kilometers from Karachi on the Super Highway.

Dadabhoy Cement Industries Limited (DCIL) went into commercial production in 1986. The production, however, was not adequate to meet the growing demand for cement. The management, therefore, decided to go for optimization and enhance the plant capacity from initial to 1,800 tonnes per day (TPD) in first phase. Furthermore optimization Plan of the Company is in process for which drawings and other technical know-how have been acquired from world renowned company for enhancement of capacity, up to 2,800 metric tonnes per day in the second Phase. Dadabhoy Cement went public in late 1991 and thus increased its capital from Rupees 300 to 1400 million.

DCIL in one of the pioneers in introducing slag cement in Pakistan. The contribution of Dadabhoy Cement is quite significant. This first indigenously designed and fabricated cement plant is fully functional and producing in excess of half a million tonnes of cement annually. DCIL is a prime example of the immense love and devotion the Dadabhoys have for the country and of their bold entrepreneurship.

M.H. Dadabhoy Group is also the Pioneer in introducing Coal technology for their cement and other 0process industries. Being Pioneer in coal technology in cement Industry, DCIL is also playing their role in transferring technology to other similar ventures. Presently DCIL is running on 100% coal as fuel.