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About Us

The Dadabhoys saga of entrepreneurship and success in Pakistan began about 50 years ago, when (late) Mr. Abdul Ghani Dadabhoy made Karachi his home. Upon arriving in Pakistan Mr. Abdul Ghani Dadabhoy played his part in the industrialization of the infant country. When, after the creation of Pakistan, Mr. Jinnah called upon the Muslim traders and businessmen to play their role in the newly created State, Mr. Abdul Ghani Dadabhoy promptly answered the call. Immediately after settling in Karachi, he set up a trading house encompassing a wide range of business. He did particularly well in the trade of cotton and was one of the early office bearers of the Karachi Cotton Exchange. Sheer hardwork, professional commitment and vision provided the foundation for the establishment of a solid base. The decade of the 1950’s was a profitable period for him, when he had established a Ginning Factory, a Re-rolling Mill and an Edible Oil Mill.

Company’s Registration/ National Tax Number
CUIN: 008506
NTN: 0710162-7