MH Dadabhoy group is proud in developing advanced construction materials in Pakistan under patented brand name of  MH Dadabhoy’s
Hi-Bond Prepackaged Polymer Modified Mortars (DHPPMM)

Dadabhoy Group Hi-Tech Construction Materials of the millennium indigenously manufactured in Pakistan, Patent Holders of Hi-Bond Product Range (Pre-Packaged Polymer Modified Re dispersible Cementations Material called DHPMM. Products belonging to “Hi-Bond” family consist of cement, selected fine aggregates re-dispersible film-forming powdered polymers, super-plasticizer, and anti-shrinkage and anti-foaming agents. Upon hardening, a monolithic effective plastic lining system of polymer films is created in “Hi-Bond” Pre-Packaged Polymer Modified Cementations Materials and is responsible for the improved behavior of such composite systems

The improved adhesion at the interface of the substrate Hi-Bond Universal as (Bond Coat/Neru) and at the same time the polymeric binders availability in adequate amounts (5 to 10% of the cement weight)  in the cement matrix itself, where it forms coherent Polymer domains, which reinforces the mortars.

With the addition of “Hi-Bond” Universal Pre-Packaged Polymer Modified Cementations Materials in cement matrix the water-repellent effects, however, greatly reduces water absorption.

Hi-Bond Water Proof Sealer (Pre-packaged Polymer Modified Cementations Mortars & Slurries.

The surface Water-Proof Coating:
The key component of very coating is the binders, which determines for example the bonding of the coating to the substrate, the drying behavior and the durability, the adhesive strength of the film. The Hi-Bond surface Coating are noted for their high toughness and long-term flexibility, good resistance to wear and tear and good resistance to water and chemicals, low flammability and easy processing. The most used Polymeric binders in the formulation, have outstandingly performed, tried and tested on Water Courses, Huge Concrete Structures, Over Head & Underground Water Tanks, Reservoirs, Masonry and Bricks roof tops, Dampness control of Horizontal and Vertical walls etc, in the addition to Hi-Bond Universal and sealer Hi-Bond Tile Adhesive and Tile Grout are added products with its ability to water proofing and water repellency.

Organic binders have been added to improve ordinary cementations system and named Polymer Modified cementations system

Combination of inorganic cementations system and organic additives like polymers has developed polymer modified cementations system having highly improved properties

MH Dadabhoy’s Hi-Bond (prepackaged range polymer modified mortars)

•Hi-Bond Universal for repair, renovation & durable highly improved impermeable construction

•Hi-Bond Sealer for water proof weather shield impermeable salt resistant slurry coatings

•Hi-Bond Tile adhesive for water proof tile, stone and marble fixing

•Hi-Bond Tile grout for water proof tile grouting